7 Reasons To Outsource Unarmed & Armed Security Guards In Las Vegas

When you’re running a successful business with access to proprietary information and intellectual property, you must be able to guard yourself against security breaches. While most intellectual properties can be safeguarded effectively with a strong focus on cybersecurity, there are chances of physical breaches at the location. Without highly-trained security guards protecting your property, you leave yourself open to the risk of potential theft of company assets and intellectual properties.


By ensuring that you have security guards on duty, patrolling and guarding your property, you have peace of mind knowing that your security issues are managed and under control. Depending on the nature of your business, types of assets and proprietary information, and budget for security, you can choose either unarmed or armed security guards. Since every business is different, your right fit will differ from others.


Small and growing businesses without the need to safeguard extensive intellectual properties usually opt for unarmed security guards. However, if the proprietary information and trade secrets you hold are highly sensitive, you should choose armed security guards. No matter the choice, it is always better to have your property guarded by security guards, be it armed or unarmed.


When it comes to recruiting or outsourcing your security guards, you may start to think of the various pros and cons. We believe this is where businesses need a clear understanding of the various benefits of outsourcing their unarmed and armed security guards. There are a lot of benefits that outweigh the few concerns surrounding giving up a little control on security matters.


To show why outsourcing security guard needs to a Las Vegas security guard company is a really good idea, we have curated a list of 7 reasons as to why your business should outsource unarmed and armed security guards.


  1. Save Money and Time


There is a lot of costs involved in hiring, training, and maintaining an in-house team of security guards. Usually, a company is not ready to bear such a cost if it is a small and growing company. Even large companies find it difficult to hire and train a strong team of security guards supervised by a security manager. Not to mention, there are additional costs for the company when they hire employees like employee benefits and liability insurance among others.


When you hand over the security needs of your company to a highly trusted team of security experts, you save a lot of money that will otherwise go into hiring, training, and supervising them. Things like the amount of money you will have to spend on procuring the right equipment and ensuring the latest technologies are available to your security team become irrelevant when you hire a professional team of unarmed and armed security guards.


The need for a security manager who can train and supervise the team of security guards is not necessary as you will have a strong team of security personnel who can take instructions and act in a highly professional and organized manner.


You will also save a lot of time when you outsource to a reputed security guard provider. There is no extra time spent on managing your security team and having to constantly re-train them and supervise their duties. Everything is managed by the security guard company and that lets you focus on your important goals for the business. Whether the security guards are unarmed, armed, or mobile, Las Vegas security guards are trained to adapt their security patrol routes based on customer needs.


  1. Expertise and Experience


There is nothing that can match the expertise of a security guard company that solely focuses on providing the best security support for businesses. Since they focus on only one goal — ensuring the safety and security of your property and assets, you can rely on their skills to effectively guard your business.


Armed security guard services offered by security guard agencies give the best-in-class protection for your valuable assets and proprietary data. The armed guards are highly trained and possess the skills needed to secure your property from physical threats and attacks. You can also get personal security from armed guards while moving business assets.


The unmatched experience of security personnel from security guard companies gives you confidence in their abilities to guard your property. Most of the armed and unarmed security guards have in the past served in the military and law enforcement departments. Their background and experience in the field is an invaluable asset to businesses.


  1. Flexibility


Security guard companies can handle the need for additional security personnel for business shows and events without any problem. You do not have to look for more security guards for security purposes as the security guard company is flexible to handle temporary requirements. The ability to scale up your security needs without having to worry about huge costs and time requirements is solved when you’re working with a trusted security guard provider.


You no longer have to worry about extra security when you need it. A reliable security guard agency can provide you with more security as and when you have the requirement for it.


  1. Latest Security Technologies


Security guard companies make use of the latest security technologies and are constantly looking for new and improved equipment to equip their security guards. You do not have to take the trouble of continually testing and adding new communication systems and other technologies for your security team. When you hire highly-rated unarmed and armed security services, they do the work of ensuring that all security technologies used are tested and truly the best.


The security personnel team of the security guard company is trained to be skilled in the use of the latest technologies to effectively guard your property and assets. Since there is an emphasis on delivering the best services for businesses, you can rest assured avail yourself of superior security guard services equipped with the best security technologies.


  1. Less Management


You do not have to constantly manage your security guards when you outsource unarmed and armed security guards. There is no disruption to security services due to guards being sick or deciding to quit. The availability of standby guards to occupy the place of existing guards lends security guard agencies a huge advantage over in-house security teams.


Since security guard providers have well-trained security guards, they are able to take instructions clearly, communicate effectively, and act quickly to meet all your requirements. There is a lot less management involved with security personnel from security guard companies. They are highly professional and carry out tasks in a timely manner with utmost efficiency.


  1. 24/7 Security


Since security guard companies have a lot of security guards for various duties, your requirement for 24/7 security can be easily fulfilled. You can get both armed and unarmed guards from highly-trusted security guard providers to secure your property and assets around the clock. This will certainly let you be at ease since you know that any threat of breaches will be handled well by a team of trained and prepared security guards.


Since most property breaches happen at night, a strong team of patrolling security guards can ensure your property is safe from trespassers and bad actors. In addition to patrolling at regular intervals, patrol teams can also make unexpected visits to catch any criminal activities from unwanted visitors.


  1. Administrative Duties


There are usually some administrative duties linked to the security guard role. When you outsource unarmed security guards and armed security guards, the guard provider handles the task of instructing the guards on the administrative duties to be performed. You do not have to worry about spending time instructing the guards on the various admin tasks that need to be carried out as part of their role.


Alternatively, you can also provide instructions to security guards on duty regarding administrative tasks that need to be taken care of. If you wish to have some control over the tasks carried out by the guards, you can provide instructions so that they can effectively carry out the tasks assigned to them.


As you can clearly see, there are a lot of reasons to outsource your security guards. When you choose to work with a highly-reputed security guard company, you stand to benefit from all the reasons listed above.


Before you choose a security guard provider, be sure to ask them important questions regarding their personnel selection criteria, training, and other services. You will benefit a lot from the partnership when you pick a trusted agency that can meet your requirements.