Group of construction workers overlooking a secure construction site

Construction Security

Construction sites have a lot of valuable materials and equipment left out in the open that need to be secured from theft and damage. Since not all equipment can be stored in the warehouse day after day, a strong on-site security team is needed to monitor and ensure no losses occur. Property damage due to trespassing individuals, bad weather, and other natural occurrences also have to be addressed.
An experienced construction site security team can protect your site from theft, vandalism, and trespassers. You need strict access control protocols, armed and unarmed security professionals, CCTV monitoring, and mobile patrols to safeguard your investment. Avoid project delays due to damage to property, materials, and equipment by working with a highly-rated construction security services team.

How We Protect Construction Sites

Nevada Security Services puts proper security in place at your construction site with our quality security teams trained to mitigate and eliminate damages and losses.

  • Property and material protection from damages and theft
  • Trespass prevention
  • Protection of valuable equipment
  • Identify issues to prevent accidents
  • Emergency response services
Construction sites have to be protected all day and night since unwanted incidents can occur at any time. Your project completion and profit margins depend on the proper protection of property, materials, and equipment.
Let your workers focus on completing the construction without worrying about other issues. We will take care of all your security needs to secure your building to give you peace of mind.
Looking for a security company to protect your construction site with:

Unarmed Security Guards
Armed Security Guards
Or Mobile Patrol

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