Security Guard Services by Industry

We have a lot of industry experience

If you are a small, medium, or large business in any industry that has security guard needs, we have guards ready to protect you 24/7.  Whether you go with us or another security provider, it’s important you work with a security guard company that has experience providing security services within your industry. Below are some of the industries we have mastered protecting.

Apartment & Condo Security Guard Services

There are several reasons why an apartment and condominium complex requires robust security. These locations are prime targets for criminals.

Commercial Security Guard Services

Commercial establishments such as malls, theaters, restaurants, and other buildings require comprehensive commercial security services, which encompass security cameras, alarms, and security guards.

Construction Site Security Guard Services

Construction sites are home to valuable materials and equipment left exposed, making them vulnerable to theft and damage.

Convention & Trade Show Security Guard Services

Large events such as conventions and trade shows draw massive crowds, often numbering in the thousands. The safety and security of attendees, vendors, and valuable assets at these high-energy gatherings are vital.

Cultivation Center Security Guard Services

The surging demand for marijuana renders cultivation centers highly attractive to criminals seeking profitable opportunities. 

Dispensary Security Guard Services

o navigate the high-risks associated with running a medical marijuana dispensary, a trusted security guard company is an essential ally.

Golf Course Security Guard Services

Sprawling over hundreds of acres of meticulously maintained turf, these vast landscapes pose a challenge in comprehensive monitoring.

Home Owners Association (HOA) Security Guard Services

Whether you live in a neighborhood with a homeowners association (HOA) or not, it’s essential to have special security to make sure your neighborhood is safe.

Hospital & Healthcare Security Guard Services

Ensuring safety at hospitals and healthcare facilities is crucial. To prevent theft and injuries, it’s vital to have well-trained security personnel. Hospitals are busy places, so security breaches can lead to dangerous situations.

Hotel & Casino Security Guard Services

Hotels and casinos are bustling hubs with significant cash flow, valuable assets, and a constant stream of guests. Unfortunately, these vibrant environments also attract the attention of criminals.

Industrial Security Guard Services

With vast spaces where raw materials and manufactured goods are often left exposed, the risk of theft and pilferage increases significantly. 

Office Building Security Guard Services

Commercial office buildings are repositories of valuable assets, including sensitive confidential data and customer information. A security breach in such environments can result in devastating consequences. 

Retail Loss Prevention Security Guard Services

A dedicated and well-trained retail store security team can significantly contribute to an improved shopping experience for customers, addressing their needs and concerns effectively.

Shopping Center Security Guard Services

Having a team of highly skilled security professionals dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the public perception of the shopping center is crucial for fostering an inviting environment.

Trucking Terminal Security Guard Services

Trucking terminals, housing a vast amount of valuable goods either in transit or awaiting shipment, often become prime targets for thieves and criminals.

Warehouse Security Guard Services

Warehouses serve as the backbone of numerous industries, acting as critical storage hubs for valuable inventory, equipment, and supplies. However, the sheer size and accessibility of warehouses make them tempting targets for theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access. 

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Mark Robinson (Prophet Mark SR)
Mark Robinson (Prophet Mark SR)
CEO Is Wonderful
Chasen Mobley
Chasen Mobley
Nevada securities services is a great company for 24/7 or event security. We use them for armed security for our seasonal events. They’re are always on-time and answer the phone in case of emergencies. I would recommend them to any Las Vegas business that wants quality guards at a fair price. You get what you pay for!
Devan Doan
Devan Doan
My company uses both armed and unarmed security, and I've never felt safer than when using Nevada Security Services.
Kyle Shaunnessy
Kyle Shaunnessy
1st security services of Nevada is professional and reliable. Most importantly they answer there phone in times of need. Our business if out of Las Vegas,NV, it’s tough to find a good security business to depend on year around. We use there armed and unarmed services and would recommend there services to any industry. We are in the cannabis industry and have used them over 2+ years now. Highly recommend you reach out and see if they can help!
Gregory Pane
Gregory Pane
Like most business in downtown Las Vegas. We have lots of problems with the public at night. The security company has turned that around and made our bar more appealing to foot track. They’re always on time and professional, I would recommend then to any establishment.
justin giffen
justin giffen
This security company was the most professional I’ve dealt with while protecting my production Facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. Excellent response time and professionalism with the guards. I was able to gps locate the guards to make sure they were hitting the right points. Amazing value
Troy Pettie
Troy Pettie
Crazy great company. Very reliable with great customer service. I’ve tried a few other security companies like Acme and the service you get going with a smaller provider really makes a difference.
Emily Janokowicz
Emily Janokowicz
Was in charge of finding a reliable security company for our building and am super happy with the job they’ve done so far. Tenants all feel really safe with their guards on property and patrolling.