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Unarmed security guards are most effective for a large majority of businesses and worksites. If you do not handle highly sensitive data, have large amounts of valuables, or are located in a highly violent neighborhood, then it does not make sense for your business to hire armed security guards. You can work with unarmed security guards who are an essential addition to the security needs of your business.

At Nevada Security Services, we understand the urgency and need to maintain a safe and secure business environment for organizations and residential properties. Security is a critical policy and budgetary element for any given organization. Businesses cannot afford to ignore the benefits that come with having a secure workplace environment. Our personnel at Nevada Security Services are committed to giving your business the detailed attention it deserves when it comes to unarmed security guard services.

Guided by our mission, ‘Highest Quality Security’, during our consultation we will work together to address all your security needs. Once these needs are established, we will then provide you with enough unarmed security guard officials to patrol your premise, perform access control, and investigate disturbances at your location. Our highly professional unarmed security guards will also monitor alarm systems, video surveillance cameras, and promptly respond to any security concerns or suspicious activity.

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Mark Robinson (Prophet Mark SR)
Mark Robinson (Prophet Mark SR)
CEO Is Wonderful
Chasen Mobley
Chasen Mobley
Nevada securities services is a great company for 24/7 or event security. We use them for armed security for our seasonal events. They’re are always on-time and answer the phone in case of emergencies. I would recommend them to any Las Vegas business that wants quality guards at a fair price. You get what you pay for!
Devan Doan
Devan Doan
My company uses both armed and unarmed security, and I've never felt safer than when using Nevada Security Services.
Kyle Shaunnessy
Kyle Shaunnessy
1st security services of Nevada is professional and reliable. Most importantly they answer there phone in times of need. Our business if out of Las Vegas,NV, it’s tough to find a good security business to depend on year around. We use there armed and unarmed services and would recommend there services to any industry. We are in the cannabis industry and have used them over 2+ years now. Highly recommend you reach out and see if they can help!
Gregory Pane
Gregory Pane
Like most business in downtown Las Vegas. We have lots of problems with the public at night. The security company has turned that around and made our bar more appealing to foot track. They’re always on time and professional, I would recommend then to any establishment.
justin giffen
justin giffen
This security company was the most professional I’ve dealt with while protecting my production Facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. Excellent response time and professionalism with the guards. I was able to gps locate the guards to make sure they were hitting the right points. Amazing value
Troy Pettie
Troy Pettie
Crazy great company. Very reliable with great customer service. I’ve tried a few other security companies like Acme and the service you get going with a smaller provider really makes a difference.
Emily Janokowicz
Emily Janokowicz
Was in charge of finding a reliable security company for our building and am super happy with the job they’ve done so far. Tenants all feel really safe with their guards on property and patrolling.

Considering Unarmed Security Guards?

If you are unsure whether your organization or workplace requires unarmed or armed security guards, consider the following to make sure that you partner with an unarmed security guard company that can protect your premises and properties.

Unarmed security guards are an excellent choice for the budget-conscious business that does not have a big budget for security.

Remember that unarmed does not mean unskilled.

Unarmed security guards usually receive the same high-quality training as armed security guards. They prioritize the safety and security of the building and the people they are in charge of. They receive training in using the most modern security technologies so that they can ensure the best protection when in charge of operations.

Nevada Security Services trains unarmed security guards with the best-in-class training for security personnel to give them the tools to be highly effective during times of emergency and security breaches.

All of our unarmed guards are skilled in the latest security systems including alarm and monitoring systems critical for swiftly acting to security risks and resolving conflicts. We ensure that our unarmed security guards are trained to devise and determine the best strategies for securing your premises to give you a big boost in pushing back against criminals and unwanted trespassers attempting to cause a scene or damage business properties.

With a comprehensive set of skills to handle a wide variety of security risks in diverse work environments, our unarmed security guards can secure and provide unmatched security for any industry. Some of the top industries we protect are:

  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Retail and Convenience Stores
  • Schools and Universities
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Pharmacies
  • Residential Buildings and Communities
  • Warehouses
  • Construction Sites

When you are sufficiently protected from all kinds of security threats with a trained team of unarmed security personnel guarding your buildings, you can be assured of peace of mind as you conduct your business and operations.

Even though our unarmed security guards do not carry any weapons, they are skilled to handle tough situations and are trained in conflict-resolving tactics.

With us protecting your business, you can be at ease knowing that your employees, customers, and visitors are protected by a skilled team of security guards who are mindful of all the happenings and are ready to jump into action to handle situations that disturb the overall sense of calm in your premises. Your employees can be more effective and your customers stay longer at your place with us guarding and protecting the area

Why Our Unarmed Security Guards Do For Vegas Businesses

Nevada Security Services offers highly-trained unarmed security guards who have the skills and training needed to complete a variety of security tasks.

  • Averting illegal or inappropriate activities by sustaining a high visibility presence at the site they protect.
  • Carrying out access control operations on incoming vehicles, personnel, and visitors.
  • Establish proper and comprehensive patrol mechanisms to ensure every corner of your building and perimeter is secured properly.
  • Making sure that your personnel, clients, or visitors are informed of security protocols and overseeing that they all comply with these established protocols.
  • Monitoring the premise’s security control systems such as video surveillance and alarm systems and carrying routine expert checks to make sure that all these monitoring and control systems are working seamlessly.
  • Working hand-in-hand with designated law enforcement agencies whether federal, state, or county level to foster compliance to security standards and guidelines while enhancing evidence-based practices that take into account the established laws by adhering to security industry regulations.

Our unarmed security guards are highly trained to give you peace of mind by contributing to the overall sense of safety through their protective security efforts. They act as the first line of defense against unwanted trespassers and potential criminals to reduce/nullify threats.

Whether you need protection for your office building, residential complex, construction site, or industrial facility, our unarmed guards have the expertise and skills needed to keep you feeling safe while you focus on the important tasks at hand.

Choose an affordable way to secure your business premises. Our trained unarmed security professionals have experience operating in high-risk environments to ensure your peace of mind at all times.